2015 Beer

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This year’s Beer by the River will feature over 50 beers carefully selected from 22 brewers. We will of course have all of Sambrook’s main beers on the bar, Wandle, Junction, Pumphouse Pale Ale, Powerhouse Porter.  Alongside these will also be featuring Lavender Hill in cask and Sambrook’s Keg Pale Ale for those of you who want something a little bit colder and fizzier.  Also keep a look out for some of our special beers – a one off collaboration brewed with the Four Thieves, our final cask of our Number 5 Barley Wine and a cask of Russian Imperial Stout.  With the Barley Wine and Russian Imperial Stout at 8.2% and 10.4% we will only be serving these in halves.

But enough about us, here is a sneak preview as to what other breweries are joining us on the day:




5 points

5 Points Brewing Co

Founded in 2013, 5 points announced themselves on the burgeoning East London brewing scene with their fabulous Hook Island Red and Railway Porter.  Brewing beer for cask, keg and bottle their beers are packed with flavour.  This year we will be bringing their IPA to accompany their original Hook Island Red.




Hailing from Twyford, Berkshire, Binghams Brewery is set in modest surroundings but produces beer which consistently win awards.  Particularly famous for their excellent dark beers, we will be bringing their Macchiato Stout to Beer By the River – one for the dark beer enthusiasts.



Binghams Brewery


Burning Sky

Burning Sky

Founder, Mark Tranter is one of the celebrities of the UK brewing scene.  Previously at Dark Star where he created the critically acclaimed Hop Head. Burning Sky is about passion and imagination. Brewing and ageing beers, Mark is creating unique and very different flavours in his part of the South Downs.  We will be looking forward to sampling the latest recipe from Burning Sky.



Crouch Vale

Any brewer who can win Champion Beer of Britain consecutively with the same beer (Brewer’s Gold ) deserves respect.   We are delighted to be featuring this classic British beer alongside some of Crouch Vale’s newer recipes.


Crouch Vale



Downton Brewery



I grew up in Salisbury, so I had to choose a beer from close to the town of my youth.  Downton Brewery, was not brewing when I was growing up but Martin, their head brewer, creates some amazing beers.  We will be featuring their Dark Delight, often a festival winner wherever it showcases.


East London Brewing Company

The second of three of our East London breweries featured at Beer by the River.  ELB are one of the elder statesmen of the vibrant East London brewing scene, first launching in 2011.  Expect well rounded cask beers a new world twist.  We will be featuring two of their darker beers with Nightwatchman and Quadrant Stout joining the Beer by the River line-up







Closely following the launch of ELB, Hackney Brewery joined the East London brewing scene in the same year.  Majoring on hops, Hackney produce beer which fuse American influences with British brewing traditions.


Hambleton Ales

Based in Yorkshire, Hambleton Ales is one of the original UK microbreweries, with Nick Stafford, their founder, being one of the founding members of the Society of Independent Brewers, now the voice of the small brewers.  Despite their age, their beers remain excellent and are not often found this far south.








One of the newer London breweries, having started brewing in Islington in 2014. Hammerton Brewery, resurrects the name of a once successful Islington Brewery which was founded in 1868 but ceased operations in the 1950s.




The first of our breweries from the lakes featuring at Beer by the River.  Hardknott specialises in big flavours, with heavy influence from the States and Belgium.  If you like your hops their head brewer and founder Dave Hardknott won’t disappoint.








Multi-award winning and firm advocates of unfined, vegan friendly beers.  Producing unusual and interesting flavours in their beers, Beer by the River will feature their Mosaic Pale and Four Cs.



Hawkshead brewery is another successful brewery from the Lake District, hugely popular in their home county but rarely seen this far South.  We are delighted to be bringing their Windermere Pale Ale and Brodie’s Prime a delicious Porter to our festival.


hawkshead brewery



Ilkly Brewery

Ilkley Brewery

The brewer’s tradition was brought back to the Yorkshire spa town after a 100 year hiatus in 2009, and like its predecessor the new Brewery built its reputation on the quality of the ingredients and skill of the brewing team.


Laines – Four Thieves

On the doorstep of our brewery we are lucky to have the Four Thieves Brewpub, part of the Laines pub group based out of Brighton.  When their head brewer, Nic, asked Sean to brew a collaboration with them we couldn’t refuse.  This beer is specially produced for Beer By the River 2015 and will be unveiled on the 4th September.


Laines Brewery - 4 theives



Oakham ales

Oakham Ales

Oakham Ales new 75 barrel brew house officially opened on Friday 13th October 2006 (It’s first commissioning brew was on April 1st 06). A large party of people consisting of brewers, industry guests, VIPs and the talented group responsible for the success of the project attended to see the opening ceremony conducted by the two partners, Paul Hook and John Bryan with lots of help from all of the Oakham staff. The symbolic padlock and chain was cut by John Wood, the original owner and brewer, who left Oakham Ales way back in 1995.


Tiny Rebel

Tiny Rebel was born in 2012 when Brad and Gazz, two keen homebrewers, took the step to run their own commercial brewery.  Since then, their beers have been running away with awards in Wales.  But it is not just their beers that impress, their pump clip and bottle design always turns heads.


Tiny Rebel





Titanic brewery is another brewery that is was part of the original wave of craft breweries in the UK.  Founded in 1985 by brothers Keith and Dave Bott, Titanic boast a great selection of beers and now their own pubs scattered around Staffordshire.  The brewing legacy looks set to continue with Tom Bott setting up Signature Brewery in London – perhaps one to feature next year.


Triple fff

Another one of our featured breweries to have won Champion Beer of Britain. Triple fff are based in Alton, Hampshire and we will be featuring their Moondance Bitter and Stairway.


Triple FFF





Run by the enigmatic Robert Wicks, Westerham was established in 2004 to bring back the flavours of the Black Eagle Brewery which was the local brewery until 1965.  Having developed a quality reputation of its own, Westerham’s Hop Rocket was the first beer to sell out at last year’s festival so we thought it only right to bring it back for a second reckoning!