Guest Beer List, plus Venue Site Map

We are super excited to share our preliminary guest beer list below [UPDATE: you can download a pdf of the Guest BEER list HERE]. Plus we will of course have all of Sambrook’s core, seasonal and experimental (new / never before seen) beers on cask and tap.

Brewery Beer Style ABV
Binghams Twyford Tipple Malty Bitter 3.70%
Binghams Brickworks Bitter Best Biiter 4.20%
Downton Hopoholic Golden Ale 4%
Downton New Forest Ale Best Bitter 3.80%
Downton Honey Blonde Golden Ale 4.30%
Downton Chimera IPA IPA 6.80%
Hambleton Yorkshire Session Bitter Session Bitter 3.80%
Hambleton Stud Blonde Blonde Ale 4.30%
Hambleton Stallion Best Bitter Best Bitter 4.20%
Hambleton Nightmare Porter Porter 5%
Titanic Steerage Golden Bitter 3.80%
Titanic Iceberg Wheat Beer 4.10%
Titanic Plum Porter Porter 4.90%
Titanic Stout Stout 4.50%
Triple FFF Moondance Pale Ale 4.20%
Triple FFF Dazed & Confused Premium Pale Ale 4.60%
Westerham Finchcock’s original Session Bitter 3.50%
Westerham Grasshopper Premium Session Bitter 3.80%
Westerham Spirit of Kent Golden Ale 4%
Westerham British Bulldog Best Bitter 4.10%
ELB ELB Pale Ale Pale Ale 4%
ELB Foundation Bitter Best Bitter 4.20%
ELB Jamboree Golden Ale Golden Ale 4.80%
ELB olicana English Pale Ale Pale Ale 4.80%
London Brewing Company Never Mind the Kent Hops ESB 550%
London Brewing Company Beer Street Best Bitter 4%
London Brewing Company Skyline APA 5%
Five Points 5 Points Pale Ale Pale Ale 4.40%
Five Points Railway Porter Porter 4.80%
Tiny Rebel Fubar Pale Ale 4.40%
Tiny Rebel Cwtch Red Ale 4.60%
Tiny Rebel One Inch Punch Tiny IPA 3.90%
Tiny Rebel Dirty Stop Out Smoked Oat Stout 5%
Burning Sky Plateau Pale Ale 3.50%
Burning Sky Aurora Premium Pale Ale 5.60%
Hawkshead Broadie’s Prime Premium Ale 4.90%
Hawkshead Windermere Pale Pale Ale 3.50%
Hawkshead Lakeland Gold Golden Ale 4.40%
Hawkshead Dry Stone Stout Stout 4.50%
Ilkley  Mary Jane Pale Ale 3.50%
Ilkley Ilkley Pale Pale Ale 4.20%
Ilkley Crossroads West Coast IPA 5.40%
Ilkley Rombald US Amber Ale 4.60%
Volden Session Session Bitter 3.80%
Volden Pale Pale Ale 4.60%
Watneys Pale Ale Pale Ale 4.20%

Here’s the layout for BBTR 2016. It’s gonna be tons of fun. Get your tickets here today for just £5  (vs. £10 on the gate)!

BBTR 2016

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